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Theatre Nohgaku needs your support! We are performers who are creating a new and vibrant theatre company out of our passion for classical noh drama of Japan. Our love of this extraordinary art form compels us to share its beauty and power with English speaking audiences through the creation and production of original English language noh plays—‘shinsaku-noh’ in English.

Why do we need your support? Theatre Nohgaku faces unusual challenges as a performing company. We are spread over two continents and numerous time zones, and each of us must balance company projects with other professional endeavors.

Your support will go to assist us with the following:
•our annual rehearsal weeks, as well as the continuing development of new work
•periodic retreats at the Rogue River Noh Center in Belmont, MI
•our annual workshop series, Writers and Advanced Writers Workshops for playwrights to study the dramaturgy of noh, Music Workshop and (beginning in 2012) Noh Costuming Workshop
•our educational outreach including resident workshops and demonstrations
•the ongoing training of our members

Thank you!

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Theatre Nohgaku
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We recognize all our donors as Friends of Theatre Nohgaku.

We extend our grateful thanks to the below gracious donors:

Monica Bethe
Andrew J. Bushaw
Richard Emmert
Marty Gross
Dr. David Hughes
Anne Lauer
Peter MacMillan

We're also thankful for recent support by:

Japan Foundation New York
Bunkacho (文化庁) [Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs]
Mitsubishi Electric SMBC Europe
British Council (Japan, China, Hong Kong)
National Centre for The Performing Arts (Beijing)
Peking University (Institute of World Theatre and Film)
Central Academy for Drama (Beijing)
Workshops for the International Arts Carnival are presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong.

In-kind support provided by:

Google, Inc.
Jim Hayden and Complex One Recording Studio, Indiana PA