Zahdi Dates and Poppies

Text by Carrie Preston
Music by David Crandall

Zahdi Dates and Poppies is styled after a second-category warrior piece.

Blue Moon Over Memphis
By Deborah Brevoort
Noh music by Richard Emmert

American playwright Deborah Brevoort wrote the original in 1993 following a traditional noh structure though meant to be performed by Western actors largely in a naturalistic style. Richard Emmert began working with Brevoort to adapt the play for a full noh presentational style by Theatre Nohgaku.


Written by Kanze Kojirō Nobumitsu
Traditional Japanese noh


Text by Jannette Cheong
Music by Richard Emmert


Author Unknown
Traditional Japanese noh

In honor of the Noh Training Project Bloomsburg's 10th anniversary year, Theatre Nohgaku was invited to perform an outdoor takigi (torchlit) performance of this classic noh play.

Pine Barrens

Text by Greg Giovanni
Music by Richard Emmert

Pine Barrens is a fifth-category demon piece which deals with the legends of an evil monster said to reside in the pine barrens of New Jersey.

Crazy Jane

Text and original music by David Crandall

The tale of a young man drawn to the sea by his dreams and his encounter with a woman who may be both his future and his past.