The Linden Tree
Text and music by David Crandall

I wrote the text for The Linden Tree in 1986 and originally scored it for mixed chorus and a chamber ensemble of flute, clarinet, two cellos, marimba and percussion. It was premiered at the Aoyama Enkei Gekijo Theatre in December 1986.

I am currently revising the text and creating a new musical structure that will retain some aspects of the original score (such as four-part harmony in some places) while incorporating the traditional hayashi instruments. The ensemble I have adopted consists of cello, guitar, and the four hayashi instruments, with a mixed chorus who will sing both in utai style and Western style. This is a bold experiment for TN that I hope will open up new expressive possibilities while stretching our performance capabilities in challenging ways. Because the story is still in flux, I’ll refrain from giving a synopsis here, but I can say that it involves a linden tree that grows green in midwinter, guarding the grave of a man who had a special relationship with both the natural world and the world beyond.