Bringing the ghost of Atsumori back to life! Our recent performances of Atsumori were a success!

On August 3 & 4, 2012, we partnered with the Noh Training Project in a full production of Atsumori at Bloomsburg Town Park in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Mentored by noh performers Akira Matsui and Kinue Oshima and directed by Richard Emmert, two performances of Atsumori were held free to the public in an outdoor torchlight performance on the banks of the Susquehanna River.

The play tells the story of Atsumori, a young warrior and musician, who appears as a ghost before Kumagai, who killed him in battle years before. A remorseful Kumagai has returned to the site of the battle as a Buddhist priest to pray for his former enemy

Members of Theatre Nohgaku joined the 18th annual Noh Training Project (NTP) in performing this honored 15th century classic. The Noh Training Project - (a Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble educational program) offers the only US-based intensive training in the dance, chant, music and performance history of noh. We take pleasure in joining with NTP to support the training they offer and to continue to bring the art of noh to the community they serve in rural Pennsylvania.

Your generosity in our recent Kickstarter campaign told us there is a loyal audience for noh theatre. Keeping a classical tradition like noh alive is our passion. It nurtures and enriches our artistic, as well as personal lives. It has created a community of like-minded people who believe in the power of noh to bring depth and meaning to a contemporary world that more than ever needs the space and time for reflection.

Thank you all for your kind support in gathering together a group of dedicated and skilled performers who will once again bring alive the beauty and mystery of this ancient art.